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We move the world towards a zero-emission future

We believe that there is room for fancy political speeches and clear-headed leaders. However the climate change is a reality and time to act is now.

We designed our service for the everyday use rather than pure joyriding. Even though

our scooters really are a joy to ride

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in Dubai and Helsinki

Other locations coming soon

Looking to solve the last mile problem in your city?

Contact us if you’d love to have our service in your city.

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How to Hoop

Find and Unlock

Find & Unlock

Locate a scooter on the street or through the app. Unlock it by scanning the QR code from the scooter.


Ride & Enjoy!

Kick 2 times to get the scooter moving. Press right hand button to throttle. Squeeze break with your left hand to break.

Ride and Enjoy
Park nicely

Park nicely and save money!

Park in Hoop Stops shown in the app to save money. Use bike racks when available. Please do not block public pathways.

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